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SAFETY EYE is AI-GTS Kft. ‘s innovative development. Its goal is to make commuting safer. We are developing a system that can prevent accidents while continuously providing feedback and improving the users’ driving skills. Control is in the hands of the driver, who is provided with extra knowledge and information by his own vehicle. The driver acquires a so-called “third eye”, as the system allows him to see situations that he may not be aware of while driving. This gave life to Safety Eye, which is a device that can be connected to the OBD II port.

To the surprise of many, Safety Eye isn’t just available for vehicles moving on four wheels. It has a cordless version that can also be connected to a scooter, bicycle or motorbike. Thus, the system can give them real-time feedback, notify them of an emergency and analyze their traffic habits, send a daily report about it and send training material for improvement.

In the subscription version, all technical parameters of the vehicles are analyzed. To provide feedback, real-time alerts, or daily analysis, you need the Safety Eye, which can be connected to the OBD II port. We provide the device to our subscribers for free!

The Safety Eye is a small road safety device that you can connect to your vehicle using the OBD II diagnostic port. This communicates and sends the data to the Safety Eye system. However, the Safety Eye is much more than a data transmission device: it is a complex set of traffic support systems based on artificial intelligence that collects and processes data and supports safe traffic on several levels.

It will be capable of preventing accidents. It will be able to filter out problems caused by irresponsibility, drugs, alcohol or even fatigue. It will be able to predict the movement of nearby wildlife or the presence of an unexpected pedestrian or cyclist. It will be able to change traffic morale and will not want to endow cars and vehicles with increasingly human abilities. It will be able to prioritize people without restricting the freedom of commuting with automated systems.

Our goal is to involve as many traffic elements as possible in creating safe transport, so most of our services are available to anyone free of charge. This allows you to freely browse the training materials on the Safety Learning page and join the Safety Team community and create your own traffic profile with some features available for free and others on a subscription basis. After downloading the application, the system recognizes traffic habits in the free profile, which you can track in the Safety Eye application.

We all travel. Children can also download the apps and create their personal account. For families, the adults can get information about traffic habits. Kids can get feedback and warnings, but they can also browse educational materials. The system also tries to encourage children to travel consciously.

The SAFETY EYE system is a stand-alone system. It consciously has no connection to Facebook, Google, Instagram and other social platforms. It does not and will not have a relationship with any other data trading program or company. Its purpose is fundamentally different from the above-mentioned systems and corporate operations. There is no advertising or revenue-generating business policy in the background. The goal is accident-free traffic. The user decides what and with whom to share outside the system. We do not pass on the data to third parties or authorities. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us at our email address.

After the engine has stopped, the system continues to send information for 3-5 minutes. After that it goes into sleep mode and uses no energy at all. It only comes back to life when the car is in motion, so if, for example, it is being towed, this is also recorded.

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Everyone deserves safe and secure transport!

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