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Our goal is to support road traffic

The Safety Eye vehicle independent system has been set up to support road traffic, in which it is important in addition to individuals and make up a significant part of road transport, fleets of companies regarding transport, construction, agricultural or service sectors.

Data supported vehicle operation for companies

The development of drivers’ driving technology is a continuous task for companies, which AI-GTS Kft. can solve without having to take employees out of their daily work. The system supports drivers by providing real-time feedback. The system provides drivers with feedback on how to drive in a fuel-efficient manner, saving on extra service costs resulting from improper use of the vehicle.


A change of approach in the operation of vehicle fleets

Different challenges, customized solutions

No two businesses are the same, so no two solutions are the same for cost-effective operation. Instead of standardized processes, AI-GTS Kft. and its personalized system based on artificial intelligence offers a solution for all employees in each company to work together to create the most optimal operation.

Why Businesses Choose Safety Eye:

  • Real-time, immediate intervention.
  • Information on multiple transport and map platforms.
  • Effective cost reduction from launch.
  • Continuous and supportive training for drivers at no extra cost.
  • Special support that does not depend on the number of vehicles.
  • The full platform is available at a single price.
  • We have no hidden or “extra package” solutions.
  • The monthly fee is determined solely by the vehicle number.
  • There is no extra cost to identify drivers.
  • Any number of employees can be added to the system without restriction.
  • Different user roles can be created within a company.

How does Safety Eye support businesses?


Where and how? In companies, routes are usually assigned by a separate person. Many times so that you have only superficial information about the unique characteristics of a given route. Safety Eye offers solutions from several databases, taking into account the actual traffic, the technical and driver capabilities of the vehicle, and the load.

Black box function

The Safety Eye works like a black box on an airplane. It provides real-time and complete information about the movement of the vehicle, so in the event of an accident, it is possible to reconstruct what happened based on the data, thus shortening and making the damage management more efficient.

Management development of employees

The primary goal of the Safety Eye is to promote safe transportation, for which the development of road users is inevitable. On the one hand, the system sends the driver a daily analysis of his performance that day, and on the other hand, he sends him educational material for the areas to be developed.

Emergency forecast

The more people use it, the more accurate the system will work. The long-term goal is for the Safety Eye to be able to detect situations with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) and predict when a potential accident is imminent. AI continuously analyzes the data sent by the devices and thus is able to send an alert to users immediately.

Safety Eye Driving Technology Development Strategy

We support drivers in their development in three easy steps without taking them out of work.

  1. Safety Eye Platform: each employee has their own traffic profile, the system continuously analyzes and provides feedback on driving technique, and makes changes that are essential for fuel economy. It sends a daily analysis that evaluates performance that day.
  2. Safety Learning each driver, each path is analyzed by the system, sending personalized teaching aids to colleagues. They don’t have to be taken out of work and educated, as the system does it automatically and personalized.
  3. Safety Team: a community that supports the development of a transport culture, where we generate dialogue and provide an opportunity for community members to talk and share their experiences so we can develop a safe transport culture for everyone by supporting each other.

Why choose Safety Eye?

Cost effectiveness

The use of the system itself is a predictable, fixed cost. We provide the service to an unlimited user within the company. And Safety Eye has been working to reduce costs from the first day of commissioning, while improving staff, effectively reducing costs.

Customer support

The system provides online help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can increase or decrease the number of vehicles at any time, which you can change in a simple notification through our customer service. Recruitment can also be done with just one application.


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+36 70 662 88 88

Everyone deserves safe and secure transport!

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