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Our story, our mission

AI-GTS Ltd. is a joint venture between three individuals and the Research and Development and Innovation Capital Fund. Our long-term goal is to develop a system that eliminates it in practice road accidents.

More and more enthusiastic and dedicated professionals are involved in the implementation of the project. Our staff includes young programmers, enthusiastic engineers, transport and forensic experts. We believe that safe transportation is for everyone, it motivates the team, so we work day in and day out.

That's how the idea was born

András Varga, AI-GTS Kft. one of its founders and owners was a professional driver. He traveled more than three million miles before founding the company. As a result of a bitter experience, he began to think about how to prevent accidents. His wife was involved in a car accident in which He was not at fault, yet he could not prove it, as nothing recorded the case, no data were available to analyze the accident, and there was no help to predict the danger. That’s when he started brainstorming on a management support system with his two friends, financial expert Dániel Péter and computer scientist Ádám Balogh. This is how AI-GTS was born, derived from the English terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Global Traffic Support.

Varga András


AI GTS Kft. leader

Péter Dániel


founder of AI-GTS Kft

Balogh Ádám


AI-GTS Kft. founder


The aim of the Safety Eye is to develop a traffic culture and to create accident-free traffic. Currently, the goal is to support individuals who receive information using the system. Safety Eye supports users, gives them tips on how to drive fuel-efficiently, develop themselves with personalized driving instruction materials, and save real-time information about themselves in the event of an accident.

The more vehicles you have in your Safety Eye, the more you can help road users. For example, you can signal the presence of a cyclist in a corner or send an alert about an accident that has occurred in front of you.

The long-term goal is for the system to be able to detect situations with the support of artificial intelligence, to predict when a potential accident possibility is emerging. The AI continuously analyzes the data sent by the devices so it can send an alert to users immediately.

Each individual and business contributes to the full operation of the system as soon as possible. Those who have already committed to us can find the device in their vehicle and also use the Safety Eye platform, with their feedback encouraging us to continue the work we have started.

Transparent operation

AI-GTS Ltd. an open, transparent and forward-looking company. Communication with our partners and users, which is based on trust, is important to us. That’s why we want it to communicate openly the phases of our developments. Users and subscribers can keep track of what our system is currently capable of and what development our team is actively working on.

An intelligent vehicle security we are building a system that continuously analyzes the relationship between the vehicle and the driver. The Safety Eye device records data that works on the Safety Eye platform. data-based vehicle use and an aid system supports the person. 45 programmers are working to create the most optimal and best possible solution using artificial intelligence. Customers can discuss software issues and development suggestions directly with developers on the Safety Team community platform. The system’s educational platform, Safety Learning, develops drivers – even every single day.

Official transport we work on the basis of information

Community-based applications try to predict but do not measure data — nor do they verify its authenticity. Safety Eye devices can communicate with each other, and artificial intelligence analyzes data.

We involved the authorities in the development work as consultants. Because their knowledge and experience a in the field of road safety is essential in these processes.

Our vision is to make our products available internationally within 3-5 years. We believe that the extra information needed to drive will result in far fewer accidents, much more conscious and trained drivers driving on the roads, making all of our traffic safer and risk-free.

That’s why we’re developing our system, which we want to make available to everyone with ease of use, whether it’s an individual customer or a company fleet manager – with our help, safer, more economical transportation will result.


7472 Cserénfa, Ady Endre utca 12.

+36 70 662 88 88

Everyone deserves safe and secure transport!

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