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System security

Safety Eye is a system developed for accident prevention and traffic support. Our goal is to create a tool that can prevent accidents caused by human error. To do this, it is essential that Safety Eye forms a single closed system and manages the data and habits of users and drivers in a personalized way.

For us, safety comes first. User security and data protection meet the highest standards. In some cases, we have set ourselves much stricter requirements in this area than the regulations. In this way, we ensure that habits, vehicle information and the traffic support service only support safe traffic.

We believe that the efficient use of data handled by the Safety Eye system provides an opportunity to create free, safe traffic for users of our system anywhere in the world. It is based on trust, fair and secure data management.

We also want to ensure transparency for our users in terms of data protection, so the following is a list of measures that can be shared in public without risk:

Avoid social sites

Social networking sites are able to operate any tracking, observation, or custom algorithms based on the data. Therefore, the Safety Eye system is not connected to any of the community platforms. We are thinking here of Meta (Facebook), Google, Instagram, etc. surfaces, applications. That’s exactly why we created our own community channel, the Safety Team platform, so that our users can share their thoughts with each other in the greatest security.

Management of personal data

Our system uses Microsoft Active Directory to uniquely identify your users in the system and manage their data in a state-of-the-art and secure system. The handling of personal information is thus provided by one of Microsoft’s services, which currently provides nearly 2 billion users with personal data security, both at the personal and corporate levels. This external solution also guarantees that our users have the right to use their personal data at any time, independently of us.

Operation of servers

Our servers have the most secure security features in accordance with European Union data protection and GDPR regulations, and we only store data within Europe. We have data centers in several countries as required. The software required to run Safety Eye runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We know that our responsibility in developing an accident prevention system is enormous. That’s why we’re prepared for the possibility that our service may not be interrupted by accident.


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Everyone deserves safe and secure transport!

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