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Safety in the palm of your hand - How does the Safety Eye traffic support system work?


With the prevalence of dashcams, videos of sometimes funny, often shocking or infuriating, and at times tragic accidents are appearing on the internet at an increasing rate. Weather or other external factors rarely play a role in these accidents; it is the human factor that poses the greatest risk. According to a telling statistic, only 10% of drivers cause 90% of accidents, and the greatest risk is posed by aggressive, sleepless, irresponsible or simply extremely inexperienced drivers.

This serious problem seems to be alleviated by the advent of smart devices and smart cars. In fact, car safety technologies have evolved considerably in recent years, with a myriad of sensors, cameras and other tools that can help to anticipate imminent danger. But their capabilities are also finite, and it is precisely because of the unpredictability of human reactions that no car safety system can yet fully prevent accidents.

A revolutionary new approach to this problem is the Safety Eye technology, which uses artificial intelligence to help drivers detect danger in time to avoid risky situations or hazardous drivers. The idea is to provide the driver with important information in time, so that they have much longer reaction time to make the right decision and avoid an accident.

The system provides audio and visual warnings of external hazards, and is not impeded by fog, rain or night visibility. It is able to detect pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists in dangerous proximity, thus monitoring their safety (instead of them).

Safety Eye also protects drivers not only from other drivers, but also from themselves: it detects signs of fatigue, such as yawning, and warns drivers to stop. If the driver ignores these warnings and dozes off behind the wheel, the system identifies the first signs of falling asleep and immediately warns of the danger. But it also alerts drivers if they become distracted, start smoking or talking on the phone, leave their lane or fail to maintain a proper following distance. Therefore, the genius of the system lies in the fact that it not only processes mere data sets, but also takes the driver's behaviour into account when developing the signals.

Safety Eye consists of a single main sensor unit and it is really user friendly. We can choose a monthly or annual subscription. So security is in the palm of your hand - it's up to you to take advantage of it.

Everyone deserves safe and secure transport!



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